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Beautiful HubSpot CMS sites on time

HubSpot CMS Design

And Development Services

Need help with your hubspot website design?

Get the most out of the HubSpot CMS platform with our team of HubSpot
certified designers and developers. We will take your website design to the next level.

We can help you with custom HubSpot CMS design of:

Landing page templates

Email Templates

Blogs / Dynamic pages

Full websites Themes

Multilanguage Websites

Custom Modules

We are top engineers

Our team includes 8 HubSpot CMS certified website designers and engineers. We are based in Barcelona and our team is extremely professional and well trained. They are aware of the latest trends in web design and development. You can be sure that your website will look much more powerful than the standard HubSpot template. Do you need CRM/ERP integration? Talk to us.

Silverfin, Anabel

Anabel DE Vetter

Marketing Director Silverfin

Silverfin needed a complete personalized redesign of their web and being able to easyly edit its mains parts

“I would highly recommend working with Inbound Emotion for any web project!”
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I worked with Jordi, Nerea, John, Ramon and Jessica of Inbound Emotion on a complete redesign of a website (www.getsilverfin.com) built on Hubspot CMS. While the Hubspot platform is not easy for developers, the people at Inbound Emotion really get the most out of the possibilities. They managed to develop even complex designs on the platform.

What makes their work extra valuable, is that they make the modules and templates easy to re-use: as a marketer, you can easily add testimonials or events or other detail pages to your website. They develop the templates in a clean way: the editable text blocks are really editable, and modules that are not always needed are easy to switch on or off.

This is in a stark contrast to other developers that I worked with, who build everything very complicated so nobody can work on the website except them. Not so with Jordi and his team. You notice that the developers work with care and attention.

It is also always a pleasure to have Zoom meetings with the team: Nerea is a great project manager, everybody on the call is prepared and knows what they are talking about. All the people at Inbound Emotion are nice and solid people to work with. I would highly recommend working with Inbound Emotion for any web project!


Johan Vandecasteele

Leadstreet CEO and Co-Founder

Leadstreet is an Inbound Marketing company in Belgium that has achieved the HubSpot Platinum Partner level.

We certainly recommend them!
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We have known Cos Design Studio as a fellow HubSpot-agency, and it has development specialties that are complementary to those of our own COS-development team. Its designers and developers have helped us at peak times, when we needed an extra set of hands to meet deadlines.

Cos Design Studio has a good understanding of Inbound marketing, HubSpot and the possibilities of HubSpot COS, meaning their conversations are directly to the point.

The members of the Cos Design Studio team are fluent in English. Availability, briefings and communication are easily achieved by mail, phone and skype calls.

We certainly recommend them!

How much does it cost

It depends on the scope of the project, but you should expect to spend between 8,000€ and 20,000€ for a complete multilanguage website theme. We have the best competitive rates in the market.

Talk to us and learn how a specialized team can help you get the best out of HubSpot CMS