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New HubSpot CMS design study case



about netquest

For over 15 years, Netquest (www.netquest.com) has provided market researchers with genuine, insightful data. Founded in Barcelona, Netquest is a tech-driven company built on a robust and engaged consumer panel.

Thanks to Netquest’s panel and survey technology and digital behavior-tracking software, we can provide integrated information about consumers in 23 countries across the globe.

Netquest’s consumer panel and data collection capabilities are a reliable partner that helps institutions and businesses genuinely understand consumers and society.

main challenges of the project

Netquest had considerable marketing assets (interactive calculators, samples of panels) which worked excellently in bringing in visits, but which failed to work as conversion points. The marketing and communication department determines the need to create a new website with these conversion elements, while establishing Netquest’s new corporate image in it. The process of designing and developing this new website must be complete within a maximum time of 2 months, which may be not be extended due to the world launch of the new brand image in its strategy of expanding to new markets. With these dates, the development process had 6 weeks.

The change of image implied a complete change of the website; in addition to integrating the conversion elements, the lines set by the Netquest design department and its specific requirements have to be followed.

The client took on HubSpot to manage its needs. Inbound Emotion through its Cos design Studio, passes the graphic design of the website to COS and creates the conversion elements.

The process of creating the website in COS poses several challenges to which specific solutions are applied according to the table below.

Menu The website menu includes categories and subcategories. The standard HubSpot menu only allows categories to be included. Programming with Javascript.
Website in several languages Website with the pages in English, Spanish and Portuguese. HubSpot does not include the arrangement of translations of modules or templates. All of the templates were made up in English, and when they complete, we cloned each template in the remaining languages (Spanish and Portuguese). Global modules were made for the Header and Footer in English, and for the Spanish and Portuguese versions. The global modules were included in all of the templates of the corresponding language.The change between one language and another was made by Javascript  programming using a scroll-down language menu.
Redirecting by countries Depending on the country from where the website is visited, it will be shown in one language or another. The HubSpot platform does not include this function. Via JavaScript programming, the country of the IP of the device visiting the website is identified, and in accordance with said country, the website is automatically shown in the language that we previously set.
Carousel of collaborating companies A fixed carousel showing various logos of companies at the same time and which are displaced when we click on the arrows (right and left) The standard HubSpot carousels do not have these features. Programming with Javascript.
Flexible mosaic with the photos of the management team Include a full width mosaic on the website with the photos and contact details of the managers. This mosaic is flexible, allowing the details to be changed and other people to be added when necessary. Due to characteristics of the design, we had to use a single customised module and we added the user editable fields. The problem is that HubSpot does not allow the created fields to be “activated” or “deactivated” and this makes it difficult for the module to be user-expandable. There were initially 18 people in the team of managers, but in order to fulfil the requirement of being able to expand the mosaic, we added fields for 24. To ensure that only the profiles of interest to the user appear on the website, in the customised module we programmed the instruction if so the profiles will only be viewed when they are assigned a photograph.
Job offer table A table showing the following information on active offers: description of the offer (with link to the website giving details of it), town and country. The HubSpot platform does not include job offer management. In a customised html module, the Talent Clue plug-in was included with this function.
Accordion The web environment design includes two accordions that show characteristics given by the client. HubSpot does not include a module to make accordions. HubSpot customised html modules were made and a specific css file was created for hiding and showing the information of the accordion depending on where we click.
Interactive map A webpage includes the Google world map, which is interactive with a fold-down menu with countries, in which the map moves to show the selected country.In the countries indicated before, a point is shown which, when clicked, opens up a window with the information on it. HubSpot does not include this function. Programming with Javascript and API Google Maps.
Calculators Integrate the “interactive calculators” in landings so that visitors can enter data and, when the “calculate” button is clicked, they are taken to a thank you page to be able to see the results. HubSpot does not include this function. Programming with Javascript and use of cookies to make sure, on another page, that the user has been registered and to show results.
Download pdf file By means of a button, visitors can download a pdf file with a summary of the results of the “interactive calculator” HubSpot does not include this function. Programming with Javascript and use of cookies to make sure, on another page, that the user has been registered and to show results.
Customised blog design The client determines the design of the websites of the “Articles list” and the “Article” of the Blog. The design the client provides differs considerably from the standard templates of the “List of articles” and the “Article” included by HubSpot. Starting with the HubSpot standard designs, we adapted to the client designed by php programming, the use of HubSpot variables and functions.


Netquest was worried that when its assets were turned into conversion elements, they would not be as effective and the users of its calculators and panel samples would not want to share their data.

The final results show that this was not so; with the new design completed, the visits are maintained and the conversion index is no less than spectacular:

Average leads/month before the new design: 155

Average leads/month after the new design: 6,000

Previous conversion rate: 0.15 %

Target conversion rate: 0.35 %

Achieved conversion rate: 2.9 %

These data mean achieving around 40x absolute improvement in the uptake of leads and 16x with regard to objectives.

MAIN benefits obtained

Now Netquest not only receives a large number of leads and can proceed with its feeding and scoring, but also, thanks to its smart forms, it is able to segment these leads and to precisely know the profile of its visitors.

Work was done with the Netquest design department and the Cos Design Studio development team which allowed the development times to be optimised and the tight deadlines of two months for the design and development process to be met.

Many of the needs of the new website design plan brought an extra difficulty as they were not possible starting with the characteristics of the COS environment. A technical creativity job was done to give satisfactory solutions to each of the needs by extending the initial possibilities of the COS through advanced programming.

Netquest has managed to make its website a channel for recruitment and conversion with spectacular results that allow it to know its visitors and their needs better and to customise its marketing and sales while faithfully projecting its brand image.

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